Brazilian Traditional Caipirinhas


May 8, 2017

The highlight of my trip to Rio. Having an ice cold Caipirinha on top of the Sugarloaf Mountains with the Corcovado (Christ The Redeemer) in the background.

Refreshing, Sweet, Sour and all together the underlying foundation of the Brazilian drinking culture.


1Core the pineapple and cut into 3cm chunks. Place 8 small handfuls of pineapple, the lime juice, the lime wedges, half the mint and the sugar into a pitcher and mash up with the end of a rolling pin or a fat wooden spoon.

2Pour in the Cachaça and a little crushed ice, then pour into 8 glasses, and add more crushed ice. Pour the pineapple juice over, filling to the rim. Garnish the glasses with extra mint sprigs and cocktail sticks with pieces of pineapple threaded on.


1 small Pineapple

Juice 4 Limes

4 Limes sliced into wedges

Bunch fresh Mint

8 tbsp crushed Xylitol

400ml Cachaça Liqueur, or light rum

Crushed Ice for 8 glasses

800ml pineapple juice


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