Ché Gourmet was started by Ché Upton in 2015 after a long successful run of her previous cooking business in South Korea called Che-ke & Bake.

Ché started her travels soon after university finished and hopped on an 18 wheeler semi-truck in The United States of America where the adventure began. Working as a furniture mover with her Uncle she saw 36 States, all 4 corners of America and a huge expanse of the food intertwined within each and every city she visited. It’s not all hamburgers and gigantic portions she discovered.

On her return with her ants in her pants she was ready for the next stop on her journey. With very supportive family and friends she packed up her life once more and headed to South Korea to teach English where she stayed for 3 years, travelling, cooking, eating, learning and truly imagining her ultimate dream; to share this all with everyone back home.

While she was based in South Korea she managed to travel to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, The Philippines, Japan & China to further expand her foodie knowledge.

It always brought me such joy to have people sit down in my home and enjoy the food I made, I turned it into a business and then managed to spread the love to everyone on a larger scale”

– Ché Upton

Ché started her own cooking business in South Korea where she made home cooked food for all the expats craving Moms Shepherd’s Pie and divine quiches amongst other things.

After realising the world was her oyster Ché set off on the ultimate adventure. The adventure that trumps all adventures; to fulfil the dream of walking The Inca Trail and seeing Machu Picchu. Luckily the other countries in South America are so rich with culture and amazing food she set off to learn it all.


From Carnivale Caiprinhas in Brazil, to the Steak & Malbec of Argentina, a short stint in Chile to eat Fresh Ceviche, a month in Bolivia to learn Spanish and eat Chicken Milanesa lathered in a Spicy Tree Tomato Salsa literally every day, to end it all in Peru with Pisco, Pappas (Potatoes) even more Pollo (Chicken) and the big dream Machu Picchu.

After five years on the road and in the kitchens of the world, Ché finally arrived home, her head and passport both full, and ready to share her experiences and passion with the lucky diners of Johannesburg.

Che Gourmet Travels

Just Some Pics of the Most Beautiful Places I’ve seen in the World

Eating Pho in Vietnam

Ho Chi Min, Vietnam

Angkor Wat


Che Gourmet

Machu Picchu

Peru, South America


The Great Wall of China, China

Exploring The Salt Flats

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Helmet Diving

Boracay, The Phillipines

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