What – is – Kimchi?

What is Kimchi?

Kimchi is a Fermented Food which originates from South Korea, and is a traditional Korean cuisine. Kimchi can be made mild, spicy or sour with vegetables such as cabbage, onions, garlic, radishes, peppers and more. Kimchi is classified as a healthy food with benefits including lactic acid bacteria which are known to boost the immune system by keeping a healthy balance of healthy bacteria in the stomach.

Why should you eat Kimchi?

It is loaded with Vitamins A, B & C
It is rich in Amino Acids & Minerals like Iron, Selenium & Calcium
It is a major source of Probiotics (as well as Prebiotics)
It promotes Digestion
It regulates Cholestrol
It is rich in Antioxidants
It assists in Weightloss
It boosts your Immune System
It has Anti-Aging Properties
It Inhibits the Growth of Cancer Cells
It Manages Diabetes
It can reduce Gastric Ulcers

Che Gourmet Kimchi is also Sugar Free, Gluten Free & Vegan.

What does Kimchi taste like

Kimchi tastes similar to a South African Chakalaka or Indian Atchar but without the vinegar & sugar taste. The initial flavour profile of the Kimchi is sour, gingery, garlicky with a hint of Chilli (same as the heat level as a pickled Jalapeno).

Although Kimchi is a healthy dish, over eating is not advised as this is an unhealthy choice in any area.

Where to buy Kimchi products?

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  1. If you wander into just about any Korean restaurant, you’ll likely find kimchi on the menu. This popular Korean side dish is packed with delicious flavor and beneficial nutrients. But what is kimchi? For the uninitiated, a basic overview of this savory delicacy is in order.

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