Che Gourmet Stockists

We get asked often where our loyal customers can buy their very own Che Gourmet products.

Our AMAZING range of products are available nation wide in South Africa at select health stores. From Johannesburg to Durban and most recently in Cape Town.

Contact us NOW and we will point you to your closest Che Gourmet Stockist!

We do offer BULK supply directly to individuals and restaurants as well so please ask us for our bulk price list when emailing.

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Kimchi Love to you ALL

Che Gourmet

4 thoughts on “Che Gourmet Stockists”

  1. I’m a Kimchi fan. Che Gourmet Kimchi is the BEST!! It’s still alive. When I open the bottle it started climbing out! I put it on everything. . . I’m completely addicted to it.

  2. Hi Penny!
    Please have a look at our stockist tab on our website to find the closest supplier to you.
    Kimchi Love <3
    The Che Gourmet Team

  3. This is awesome Avril! Yes completely alive & teaming with Gut Friendly bacteria. Happy to have another Kimchi addict in our midst.
    Keep enjoying the deliciousness
    Kimchi Love <3
    The Che Gourmet Team

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