Category: My Brazilian Kitchen

Brazilian Traditional Caipirinhas

The highlight of my trip to Rio. Having an ice cold Caipirinha on top of the Sugarloaf Mountains with the Corcovado (Christ The Redeemer) in the background.

Refreshing, Sweet, Sour and all together the underlying foundation of the Brazilian drinking culture.

Brazilian Tapioca Pancakes

The most unique recipe I have ever seen made! Tapioca stalls fill the streets alongside the beach in Copacabana, Rio! The whole experience from ordering, to the moment they dust this perfect soft white powder onto a pan, the oozy gooey delicious fillings and that crunch! It's something you have never tasted before! AND best of all its Gluten Free! A great breakfast or light snack.

Brazilian Vegan Pao De Queijo – Tapioca Cheese Balls

My absolute favourite Brazilian Street Food snack! A gooey Cheese Ball packed full of flavour and with the use of Tapioca starch it makes this completely Gluten FREE!

Brazilian Vegan Acaraje – Black Eyed Bean Fritters

A typical Brazilian street food snack made with Black Eyed Beans that represents a traditional Falafel (But these are baked!) which I then serve with Homemade Hummus and Salsa and a squeeze of fresh Lime.

Brazilian Mushroom Moqueca

A Hot & Tangy Traditional Brazilian Coconut Curry with Large Portabello Mushrooms