Jjimdak – Braised Chicken with Sweet Potato Starch Noodles (찜닭)

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Apr 19, 2017

At my wonderful High School in Korea I taught some amazing girls. They are the elite students in their grade and they come to me to practice their English and learn about Western culture. I decided one day to turn the lesson around on them and have them teach me something. Our topic was food. I wanted them to teach me how to make some Korean dish and turn the whole experience into a bit of a cooking show.

We decided the name of the show was going to be “Call me Hungry” and the dish they would teach would be Jjimdak. One of the students got her great grandmothers Jjimdak recipe and they all compiled a script together which they would present and I would film. Here is the wonderful script they wrote about Jjimdak including the recipe.

“Hi and welcome to our show, Call me Hungry.

We are High School students at Seongju Girls High School in South Korea. We would like to take this opportunity to teach you a bit about our amazing country. We have started our own cooking show so that we can introduce our delicious food to foreigners and show them how to make it.

Today on our menu we are going to be making Jjimdak. Jjim in Korean means. Steamed or Braised and Dak means chicken. Jjimdak is a very popular dish which originated in the town of Andong in South Korea. Andong Jjimdak is made with chicken, various vegetables, noodles and a spicy soy based sauce. "

This recipe and the wonderful influence behind it has always stayed close to my heart every time I have prepared it.



1The first thing we will do is take the chicken pieces and put them in a pot filled with water. You will need to bring the water to the boil and boil the chicken for about 10 minutes. This helps remove some of the fat and other things from the chicken. After the 10 minutes drain the chicken and set aside.

2Now we can take the cellophane noodles and place them in some hot water so they will be easier to use later.

3Time to make the sauce. Take all the sauce ingredients and mix them together in a bowl.

4Once the sauce is finished put the chicken back into the pan, add the cut up vegetables, cover it with the sauce as well as 3 cups of water and bring it to the boil.

5Cook the chicken and vegetables for about 15 minutes then add the noodles. Once the noodles are cooked your Jjimdak is ready to be eaten. Decorate it with some more peppers and some sesame seeds.


1 Whole Chicken cut into pieces

3 cups Water

500 g Sweet Potato Starch Noodles (Cellophane Noodles)

2 Potatoes (peeled and chopped into quarters)

1 Carrot (peeled and sliced into thick discs)

1 Green Pepper (sliced into large squares)

2 Red Peppers (sliced into large squares)

1 Leek (sliced into thick discs)

The Spicy Sauce

2 tbsp Che Gourmet Gochujang

4 tbsp Soy or Tamari Sauce

3 tbsp Red Wine

3 tbsp Xylitol (Natural Sweetner)

2 tbsp Minced Garlic


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