Category: My Korean Kitchen

Cucumber Kimchi

Cucumber Kimchi is a refreshing crunchy version of Kimchi that I ate a lot in the Summer time in Korea. It has the delicious spicy heat from a normal Kimchi recipe with a familiar crunch. Cucumber Kimchi ferments very quickly so it is the perfect side dish for a last minute planned gathering or for a day of snacking in front of the TV.

Lactobacillus plantarum (L. plantarum) the main strain found in Kimchi, has been found in experiments to help you feel less anxiety and depression. It does this by working on the hippocampal brain-derived neurotrophic factor.  BDNF acts on certain neurons of the central nervous system, helping to support the survival of existing neurons, and encouraging the growth of new neurons and synapses. As they say your Gut is the Brain of your body. Time to feed it some Kimchi deliciousness.

Gochujang Hummus

An amazing way to taste Umami rich Gochujang, that's quick and easy! Cut up some Crudites and you've got yourself the perfect veggie lunch! YUM!

Kimchi Mac & Cheese

A fantastic recipe by This Mess Is Ours, Bread & Bonnet. Kimchi compliments this cheesey pasta goodness. A great comfort food for any night of the week.

DanMuji (Pickled Daikon) & Roasted Veggies

A fantastic light veggie dish perfect as an accompaniment to a protein dish or can even be served on its own as a main meal. The tangy sweet Che Gourmet DanMuji gives this dish great colour and vibrancy.


Argentinian Choripan

Chori (short for Chorizo) Pan (Bread in Spanish) TADAAAA Choripan. Slathered with my Chimichurri Sauce it's bound to get your lips smacking for more.