Gochujang Hummus


Jan 31, 2018

An amazing way to taste Umami rich Gochujang, that's quick and easy! Cut up some Crudites and you've got yourself the perfect veggie lunch! YUM!


1In a blender combine drained chickpeas (reserve liquid), tahini, gochujang.

2Blend, push chickpeas down if needed.

3While the blender is still going, add 1/3 C. of the reserved chickpea liquid and 2 tbsp. of the sesame oil. Blend until smooth.

4Transfer to a bowl and drizzle the remaining sesame oil on top.


1 can of chickpeas

1/3 C. of tahini

2 tbsp. Che Gourmet Gochujang

4 tbsp. sesame oil


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