Paleo Pet Pure

Our four-pawed, furry pals benefit hugely when fed a 100% natural diet, based on their ancestral biological constitution. Paleopet Pure™ Biologically Appropriate Raw Food is based on the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) Diet, which is formulated to mimic a dog’s natural evolutionary eating habits. While the bulk of a dog’s diet should be protein based, it is important that they also consume a certain amount of vegetable cellulose matter.

A predator like a dog would ordinarily obtain this from eating the stomach contents of herbivore prey animals in the wild. So too, soft, raw meaty bones are an ancient cornerstone dog diet ingredient. Despite all the controversy about bone safety, soft, raw meaty bones are perfectly healthy and safe for dogs to eat and provide your pal with essential proteins, amino acids, fats and minerals not available from any other source, no matter how bright and attractive the label or bag! Soft, raw meaty bones also provide your dog with unique psychological and other physiological benefits, such as healthy gums and clean teeth.

Paleopet Pure™ Biologically Appropriate Raw Food is a complete, naturally formulated food that will meet the daily nutritional needs of your pet. These are derived from quality raw animal muscle and offal, crushed raw bones, liquidised raw plant and fruit cellulose, essential fats and oils, kelp and Omega 3. However, feeding your dog additional soft, raw meaty bones from time to time, the occasional treat of healthy table scraps (only 5% of daily intake) and extra yoghurt is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

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